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A New Zealand based company specialising in finding and selling tyres.

This web site provides tyre dealers an effective means to source or sell any new, used, OE or tyres surplus to requirement with NO costs. We cater for any commercial tyre from forklift to earthmover. Our extensive contacts in NZ and worldwide widens the scope of selling and procuring hard to get tyres. A picture is provided (in most cases) to view the goods before purchasing.

If it is not in stock we will source it for you.

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Please EMAIL or call Hugh on 021 156 8240.

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Current tyre stock list

  Ref   Qty Size Ply Brand Pattern %Tread Type More
39-60" Tyres
EnquireDetails 2812
  • View
EnquireDetails 698
  • View
6 45/65R39 Various New or Used More Info
EnquireDetails 3631 1 520/85R42 BKT OE / New More Info
EnquireDetails 2064 1 620/70R42 Goodyear 75% More Info
EnquireDetails 4231 1 650/65R42 158D Pirelli 32/34/30mm (60%) More Info
EnquireDetails 4212 2 710/60R42 Michelin EXOBIB 26/23mm & 27/20mm
EnquireDetails 3235 1 710/60R42 Michelin Xeobib 20/22 - 9 More Info
EnquireDetails 4099 1 710/60R42 Michelin XeoBib 25/28/27mm More Info
EnquireDetails 3894 1 710/75R42 Trelleborg 80%
EnquireDetails 4102
  • View
1 900/60R42 Not ready TeRapa Michelin AxioBob 38/45/38mm
EnquireDetails 4193 1 900/60R42 180D 177E Trelleborg TM900 24/31/24 More Info
EnquireDetails 700
  • View
12 45/65R45 New and Used More Info
EnquireDetails 2901 1 270/95R46 (11.2R46) Alliance A-350 31mm More Info
EnquireDetails 3360 1 320/90R46 Alliance 27mm More Info
EnquireDetails 3065
  • View
1 380/90R46 Alliance New More Info
EnquireDetails 3847 1 480/80R46 Michelin 20/15/30mm More Info
EnquireDetails 3850 1 480/80R46 Michelin 25-30mm More Info
EnquireDetails 3956 2 480/80R46 (18.4R46) Firestone 23’ 37/38mm
EnquireDetails 4070 1 520/85R46 Ceat Farmax 80%? More Info
EnquireDetails 1952 4 2100-49 32 Goodyear E4 4S New E4 4S More Info
EnquireDetails 693
  • View
6 2700R49 Various Used More Info
EnquireDetails 694
  • View
6 2700R49 Various New More Info
EnquireDetails 3946 3 480/80R50 Goodyear 20-15mm More Info
EnquireDetails 697
  • View
6 3300R51 Various More Info